The children in the Broadway classroom have settled into their new room and routines nicely.  They have reconnected with old friends and made new ones as well.  During the month of October, the Broadway class has been doing a tree study.  We have learned many new things and completed fun activities.

  • We looked at the parts and characteristics of different trees- roots, trunk, branches and leaves
  • We examined leaves and their different colors, shapes and sizes
  • We explored acorns and pinecones
  • The children learned about different fruits and nuts that grow on trees that we eat
  • We had an apple taste test to try different apples and talk about their different flavors
  • The children began letter of the week. So far, we have covered E, F, D and P
  • We also practiced creating and completing AB patterns
  • Various art projects such as self-portraits, tree drawings, painting pinecones and Halloween Jack-o-lanterns