All Saints Day

November 1
8:00 am

Each class has selected 1 Patron Saint (see below). The children will then create a display honoring that Saint. Parents are welcome to visit any of the classrooms between the hours of 9:45am-11:00am to see the children’s work.
As a school, all the children have dedicated a piece of art work to Saint John Vianney, Patron Saint of Priests. This art will be presented to Father Yesalonia on that day. The entire school will also be honoring our Patron Saint of Police and Firemen by signing shirts dedicated to them.

Patron Saint of:

Animals, St. Francis of Assisi TRIBECA

Artists, St. Catherine of Bologna MURRAY HILL

Children, St. Nicholas BROADWAY

Teachers, St. John Baptiste De La Salle SOHO

Firefighters, St. Florian WHOLE SCHOOL

Police Officers, Saint Michael WHOLE SCHOOL

Priests, Saint John Vianney WHOLE SCHOOL

Soldiers, Saint Ignatius Loyola TURTLE BAY

Music, St. Cecilia UNION SQUARE

Travelers, St. Christopher YORKVILLE

Lost Items, Saint Anthony LANGUAGE PROGRAM