St. Ignatius Loyola Preschool offers full- and half-day educational programs for children from ages 2.9 to 5 years old.

Three-Year Old Program

Our three year old program is geared to encourage the development of the whole child. We focus on both self-initiated and teacher facilitated activities to enrich each child’s classroom experience. The overall curriculum is presented using themes within which each child can explore concepts and ideas in depth. Each day is carefully designed and structured around: Language and literacy, social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive and creative expression. We find ways to capitalize on each child’s talents as we believe all children exhibit their strengths in different areas of learning expression. Our curriculum is age appropriate and modified according to the developmental and educational needs of our students.

Four-Year Old Program

Our four year old program focuses on the development of the whole child. We use theme units that appeal to the children’s interests to teach concepts and skills. Our classroom setups, schedules and activities are all carefully designed to incorporate all major domains of child development; cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional, and aesthetic. We are geared towards building confidence, good self-esteem, self-help skills and instilling a lifelong love for learning. Our goal is to foster the development of the whole child while instilling the foundation for the love of school and learning. We encourage parent involvement and work as a team to ensure that each child has a successful school experience.

Spanish Program

Saint Ignatius Preschool’s Language Program provides the children the opportunity to learn Spanish while engaging in many fun and exciting lessons.
Our objectives are to expose the children to the Spanish language and culture using books, music, songs, games, activities and art projects that are both entertaining and challenging. We pride ourselves in awakening in the children a love of learning another language, and opening the door to a colorful and successful future.

Yoga Program

The Preschool Yoga Program, now in its 13th year is an introduction to Yoga poses, ideas, and mindful exercises through creative stories and games. The children learn techniques for calming and focus as well as strengthening their bodies and brains all while “playing yoga.” Every child from the very youngest on up receives Yoga as part of their experience here, giving them a vast toolbox of ways to process their ever-changing world.

Art Program

Art at the Preschool is a new program designed to expose young children to great artists of the past and today, techniques and mediums, and the opportunity to try it all. The program builds on the basics learned in each class and takes the children’s art appreciation to a level beyond crafting. Every few weeks there is a new finished project that we display in our own in house “gallery.”