For the first half of October, Tribeca examines the qualities of a circle through the book “Kitten’s First Full Moon” by Kevin Henkes. This is a fun way for the children to add the circle/moon shape to their art and geometry project. We also have in store a sensory art work project that will acquaint the children with textures and layering. Each child also paints a star to hang in our night sky next to the moon.

The next book we explore, to expand upon patterning and sequence, is “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”, by Linda Williams. The book encourages readers to move and make noise as we follow the story, and is great in keeping with the theme and preparations for Halloween! To expand our exploration based on this book, we carve our pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern and incorporate opportunities to learn about triangles. We are also excited to observe the pumpkin seeds we saved begin to sprout and grow! We later are transplanting the seedlings into a pot to continue our little science experiment and make more observations.