If you have visited the studio or ask your children, we are big on imagination in here. In the first week of October, we visit an Enchanted Forest and meet our second Yoga friend Niyama, the fairy whose name means healthy Habits. She joins Yama the dragon at relaxation time for a belly ride in Belly Breath.

Questions to ask your child:

“Can you name a healthy habit?”


For the second week, we are having one of my favorite seasonal activities – The Kindness Web!

The children will pass a ball of string across the circle, back and forth. When a child passes the string to another, they must say something “kind” to the receiving child. The receiving child in turn must look at the complimenting friend and say, “Thank you” before repeating the process.

  1. Do you remember the kind words your friend said to you when you passed the spider web?”
  2. “How did those words make you feel inside your heart?”